About this Game
Welcome to QuestWriter.com! This site will allow you to author and share stories with other members of the site. Currently the story editor allows you to build 'Choose Your Own Adventure' style stories with branching paths and endings.
Site Updates
Hey all! I had aimed to officially launch on Dec 1st, and have both ios/android apps done. Looks like that won't happen. Ultimately the system is live just as a web app. It's possible sometime late this month I can get the apps done, but I'm going to have to shift my development focus over to DestinyRPG for a major event we want to run for Christmas. Enjoy QW as it is though and more updates as soon as possible!
Not quite ready yet! I was going to formally launch the site today, but there are some things I need to finish up still. However, we do have a new staff member today: 54an3

I'll keep you updated on progress as it happens. I'd say no more than a week or two before the QW app for Android is out. iOS sometime after, ASAP.
- Reaching good or bad endings is now tracked per member! When you go to a story to play it, you'll see your progress on endings.
- Added New Stories tab to Browse
- Added View Story Details when you reach a story ending
- Paying Author status has been setup to support development of this system
- Incomplete pages are now marked under Edit Story Details
- Following list added so you can track the Authors you follow
- Stories can be set to NOT allow duplicate items under Edit Story Details
- New Poll added
- Bug fixes
- Quotes work in Page content and Actions now
- Browse section added
- Endings are now Good or Bad. You will need to update your stories.
- Genre art has been added
- Browse now has Genres at the top to let you filter the stories
Officially live at QuestWriter.com! The site has been give a few cosmetic updates as well, including a new logo. The first pass at the item system is done as well and there are instructions for authors visible when you are writing your story. More soon!
Working on item system for stories! The goal here is to give you a way to have items that a player can get from a page and items that are taken from a page. Then end result will be that some actions only appear if a player has the correct item(s).

I need your help! Please try a new story and on some pages enter in items given and items taken. You just type the item in and put commas in between them. Then as you play your story, you'll see items appear below actions.

Let me know of any issues. I'm trying to make sure this part works before I give you away to show an action based on items the player has.
We are now running at http://gamebooks.magicandwires.com! For lack of a better name, we'll just live here for a while. There's a lot of stuff I want to add in a short amount of time before formally launching.

Update 11/8:
- Story plays stat added to Story Description page
- Individual Page views stat added to Edit Story Details for Authors
- Authors can now be followed
- Stories can noe be liked
- Fixed bug when creating a story
This is an update. The best kind of update because its the best.